Torchlit Tavern – Anniversary 2020 (Kowardly Kobolds)

Welcome back to Torchlit Tavern!

Hey everybody, it's been two years since we started this adventure, and to celebrate our valentines day anniversary we made up and played a dnd based game we're calling kowardly kobolds. It has some issues but I think it has real potential for good shenanigans.

Rules to be posted on patreon soon.

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Arc four Intro Music Written by Mason Santos @masonxsantos
Remixed by Jameson Oxford

Torchlit Tavern Emblem designed by Mitchell Travis

Edited By Jameson Oxford

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Mitch - Is Bruce

Strana - Is Sobobos/Bobp

Mr Grimm's Awakened Undead Race Created by - Mox22 on DnDBeyond

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