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The Show

Torchlit Tavern is a Dnd 5e Podcast taking place in the world of Obscuria.  A world created by our players and Game Master Jameson Oxford.  City Life is our first show, Taking place in the Capitol city of Celesion; Griffonport.  Where a conflux of issues have placed unlikely heroes at the center of political intrigue and potential global catastrophe.

Our Story

Our Story

We have played together as a gaming group for many years, players coming and going.  And one faithful day Ryan introduced Jay to podcasts.  And that was his first mistake...

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Randall Terrazas

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Randall is a dungeon master and roleplayer of several years.



Ryan Santos

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The newest to my table, but a natural roleplayer



Mitchell Travis

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Mitchell Bane Travis is a talented artist and craftsman, check out his work here





The Man, The Myth, The Problem


Mr Grimm

Jeffrey Lisk

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Jeff is a musician and budding voice actor.




The Something Something Master

Jameson Oxford

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The SomethingMaster can often be found hiding under a mountain of convoluted plot points and grumblings.  He is often seen wandering and wondering why his players aren't happy while thinking of new ways to torture their imaginary creations.

Any Questions?

If you'd like to know anything else about our cast members or maybe you just want to know more about the characters from the show, send us an message!