Non Player Characters

The Royals and their Guard

King Rowland

Rowland is a barrel chested man of late age, with grey hair that runs down his back and grey eyes.  He likes to wear a large furred cape that lately he has taken to wrapping himself with like a blanket, belying his recent sickness.  Normally broud shouldered and robust, he has begun to wither away from his illness.

“The Deuce” Reagent Robert

Robert bears shoulder length brown hair with brown eyes, he likes to wear ermine robes, died a rich brown.  He seems completely unaware of the irony of these choices.  He is of an unimpressive height and is in many ways the exact opposite of his older brother Rowland

Out of Towners


Aobhil when she takes visible form appears to be a slender human elven woman of short stature, her hair is a dark black and she wears a gossamer white dress that fairly floats around her.  Her eyes are pools of ink black.  A pale face that rarely shows any signs of happiness.

The Griffonport Thieves Guild


Canton is a tall lean man in his late 40’s.  He keeps his hair short, greying at the sides.  He has hazel eyes that show a man that looks like he skips sleep too regularly.  He wears a black leather jerkin and black pants, carrying a rapier and dagger at his belt.  He tends to hold himself lazily, rather than at his full height.


Mullion is a half-orc of tremendous stature.  Despite his nearly 60 years he is very fit.  Typically seen in a white shirt and trousers if he isn’t wearing his dark leather armors.


Linda is fair haired, fair faced, and fast paced.  She keeps her hair in a tight ponytail, often tucking it down the back of her brown leather armor.  She has a round face used to smiling, but sharp grey eyes that tend to take in her surrounding constantly.

The City Watch

Commander John Finrowan

John Finrowan - Human Male

John stands just under 6 feet tall, his light brown hair is unkempt and long enough to let you know he rarely finds time to visit a barber.  Often unshaven and smelling lightly of liquor one might find it hard to believe this unkempt human being is commander of the city watch.  His eyes are sharp though sunken from lack of sleep.  He can often be found buried under his stacks of unfiled paperwork.

Captain Dotty

Dotty sports dark hair cut in a bob bearing olive skin and blue eyes.  She is short, a little stocky, but spry.  Often seen on her night shift wearing leather underarmor rather than her standard issue breastplate.  She is quick with her truncheon

Corporal Wirnoff

Wirnoff is a short dwarf with dirty grey hair that frames his face fully.  He keeps his beard bushy, without much in the way of decoration.  He wears his standard issue breastplate and leather jerkin comfortably, and unlike many of the others keeps it polished and oiled appropriately.

Seargent Blok

Blok is a full blooded orc, but not particularly muscular.  He has a toothy smile that rarely leaves his face.  He keeps his raven black hair in a top knot and rarely wears his standard issue helmet despite his scared face making it clear he should.

The Sisters of Vespera

Mother Granlin

Mother Granlin stands out in any crowd, literally standing out at over 7 feet tall.  Her Giant lineage gives her larger features, a bulbous red nose, a large brow, green eyes and wide smile.  These features come together to give her a surprisingly grandmotherly appearance, albeit an intimidating one.  Which often underlies her very calm and even temperament.

Sister Sandra

Sister Sandra is of middle height, with dark hair and soft features, brown eyes, and a tanned complexion.  She almost always has a wry smile and likes to dress in deeper reds then many of the others in her order.


The Church of Mors


Hornig is craggy faced older dwarf with light brown eyes.  His once read hair has gone nearly full grey.  He keeps the hood of his Black Morian robe up so from the many times if seen from the side the only things that can be seen are his round nose and beard.  Often seen with a dark pipe he speaks slowly and directly.


Erimendor is a stern looking Elven man with white hair and blue eyes.  He wears the simple black robes of his order, making him come off as some sort of hedge necromancer.  But any conversation with him immediately unearths a wry sense of humor and friendly demeanor.


Biloak is green-blue tinged goblin with no hair and brown eyes.  He is small, even for a goblin and tends to wear his dark Morian robes rolled up to his knees.

The Order of Numen


Daedalus stands straight at 6 feet tall, handsome but boyish with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.  He is always seen wearing his Numenic Plate mail complete with it’s sunburst motifs, golden sheen, and perfect polish.  He wears a long sword at his hip along with a Sunburst Shield. 

The People of Griffonport


Tigawog is slight gnome, thin and spindly from more time spent tinkering than eating.  He has bushy brown hair and thick sideburns that frame an angular face.  Round spectacles sit on his long nose, if he isn’t sporting protective work or riding goggles.  He wears strong leather gloves that don’t overly inhibit his manual dexterity and rarely takes off a leather apron.


Kendra is a tall woman, with dark green eyes, dark hair and a skin tone that matches the rich woods of her tavern.  She wears her dark hair in a loose bun high upon her head and dresses in simple aprons and work clothes of tan color and yellow fringe.


"There is no Franklin"