Solstmas 2022 – Part 1

Welcome back to Torchlit Tavern!


Happy Solstmas everyone! The season of giving is back once again and we pick back up with House, Sol, and Darthaniel in their quest help Jack meet his destiny.


Happy Holidays!


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Torchlit Tavern Emblem designed by Mitchell Travis


Edited By Jameson Oxford

Mastered by Ryan Santos

Blackpowder Theme written by Brett Eagleston


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Mitch - Is House (Warforged Fighter)


Jeff - Is Sol Danse(A Satyr Druid)


Ryan - Is Darthanial Fluteblower (a Centaur Bard)


Katie - Is Spooky Spooky Gourd aka Lady Rammius (An Awakended Undead Warlock)

Awakened Undead Race Created by - Mox22 on DnDBeyond


Music and Sound Effects are from Epidemic Sound


Sounds from


You can also check out episodes on Youtube. Please enjoy the show.


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