Goodnut 2023 – Zabgrolags Tomb


Once again we celebrate our holiday of games, dice, and overeating and your invited as always.

This year the heroes of ramshackle cave reconvene once again for their yearly table top with their good friend Eddo. But Eddo has acquired a module that is more then it appears and gets everyone into a bind, including himself

May your tables be adventurous and you food be good.

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Blackpowder Theme written by Brett Eagleston

Torchlit Tavern Emblem designed by Mitchell Travis

Edited By Jameson Oxford
Mastered and Mixed by Ryan Santos

Group Twitter -

Gus Enaki/Koi Amanita - Ryan Twitter -

The DM/Eddo - Jay Twitter -

Darro/Tarwin - Jeff Twitter -

Todd/Todd's Character - Mitch Twitter -

Helena/Paladin Kront - Katie Mischief

Conrad/Tohjan - Ulven -

You can also check out episodes on Youtube. Please enjoy the show.

Additional Music and Sound Effects from Epidemic Sound.



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