Day of the Mother 2022

Hey Tavern Goers,

Hello Everyone, Shoutout to the Moms, DogMoms, StepMoms, and Motha-shut yo mouths, that have been there for us during our lives. We appreciate and Love you.

It's the day of the Mother again in the land of Sharr, and Granlin has a special mission for a group of daring adventurers. Come say hi to the Sister's of Vespera again as we check in on the city of Griffonport.

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Blackpowder Theme written by Brett Eagleston

Torchlit Tavern Emblem designed by Mitchell Travis

Edited By Jameson Oxford
Mastered and Mixed by Ryan Santos

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Special Guest - Emily Verisimore was played by returning guest Justine

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Additional Music and Sound Effects from Epidemic Sound.
Ba dum tss [Joke Rimshot] - Heavy by FREE_SOUND_ENTERTAINMENT
wood hit 5 by adejabor

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