Goodnut 2022 – Heroes of Ramshackle Cave

Hey Tavern Goers,

It's time for another Goodnut celebration.  Where we meet a new band of heroes.  A group that of old friends that may be just like a group you are in.  Roleplayers turned adults trying to find time to reconnect.

May the spirit of the game always aid you to accomplish your party meetups!  And Happy Goodnut.

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Blackpowder Theme written by Brett Eagleston

Torchlit Tavern Emblem designed by Mitchell Travis

Edited By Jameson Oxford
Mastered and Mixed by Ryan Santos

Group Twitter -

Gus - Ryan Twitter -

The DM - Jay Twitter -

Daro Krin - Jeff Twitter -

Todd - Mitch Twitter -

Helena - Katie Mischief -

You can also check out episodes on Youtube. Please enjoy the show.

Additional Music and Sound Effects from Epidemic Sound.

Additional Sound Effects from

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