City Life – Episode 57 – A Tale of Mice and Fire

Hello there cretins and curs,

(Which I say with love of course) it's your favorite pissed off other planer being The Gentleman Skeleton Mr. Grimm, and every second I spend on this plane seems more infuriating than the last. It is nice to see Evan though. Unfortunate the situation in fae but we've "bigger fish to fry" as you materials say. Like the fact that THIS PLANER RIFT BULLSHIT IS BRINGING CREDENCE TO EVERYTHING I'VE BEEN SAYING AND IF IT CONTINUES ON THIS PATH IT WON'T MATTER WHAT PLANE I'M ON! So let's go get these books for the dwarf so we can...
What do you mean Dillions gone?
Do we need to find him?
One thing at a time books first (at least those are useful)

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